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Training in Forest Stand Mapping in Shitai, China

Deputy director of the Shitai County Forestry Bureau Mr. Anguo Fan introduced Lin4Carbon and the training course. Picture by Bailin DingTraining process Picture by Bailin DingQuestions and answers Picture by Bailin DingQuestions and answers Picture by Bailin DingGroup picture after a successful day Picture by Bailin Ding

According to the plan of the Lin4Carbon project, our senior scientist Dr. Hans Fuchs gave a one day intensive training in Forest Stand Mapping in Shitai County on Thursday, March 21st, 2013. PhD student Dengkui Mo assisted and...[mehr]



First month of Lin4Carbon field work

Our main working place: The Chinese fir forests in Shitai CountyAn alternative? Castanopsis glauca. Not only a good timber species.Very often the case: tea and no forest.Finding mission: How will we get to the first plot.The first steps on the road are always easy.Is the Bridge strong enough for us? We nearly lost one of our team.Finding the way in the forest.And where should we go now? The expected forest was cut already.Finally time for the well earned lunch break.

At the end of February 2013,  the Lin4Carbon project fieldwork started. The current field team consists of  scientist and students of  Göttingen University, Freiburg University, Chinese Academy of  Forestry...[mehr]



The first stem discs are produced

The first tree is felled and the measurement starts.Discussion about the first stem disc.Here it is.Accuracy is everything. Measuring weight and Volume of the discs on the river bed.Result of the day. Not only stem discs but also brunches are carried out of the forest for further measurement.The Jujia (Good living) Saw mill.The drying oven.The first processed stem disc.

Today, the Lin4Carbon field team processed the first stem discs to be analyzed. The first trees were already felled a week ago and dried in the Jujia (Good living) Saw mill. Besides the stem discs analysis, all felled trees are...[mehr]



Arbor Day in China

The morning of the 12th March. Everything is prepared for the tree planting.The Lin4Carbon Project Members ready to start.The first tree is planted, together with Mr. Fan Anguo Director of the Shitai Foretry Bureau.The Progress of Shitais tree planters is visible.

On March 12th, the fieldwork team members of the Lin4Carbon project were invited by the local Authorities in Shitai County to participate in the tree planting ceremony.  Shitai County is the first project study site and the...[mehr]



Mehr Wald für China

Die Waldfläche vergrößern sowie die Holzvorräte, Produktivität und Widerstandsfähigkeit der bestehenden Wälder in China steigern: Das ist das Ziel des deutsch-chinesischen Verbundprojekts Lin2Value, an dem Forstwissenschaftler...[mehr]



Wald Weltweit Radiointerview

Deutsche Forstwissenschaftler erarbeiten mit chinesischen Partnereinrichtungen Konzepte zur künftigen Entwicklung von Chinas Wäldern. In unserer Serie "Mein Studium" stellen wir den Studiengang Forstwissenschaften vor.[mehr]



Nursing China's Ailing Forests Back to Health

A lauded effort to create mixed forest stands is giving villagers and loggers a chance to make a living while restoring ecosystem vitality. [mehr]



Kickoff Workshop in Göttingen

The Kickoff coordination workshop takes place at the University Göttingen from 12.06. - 13.06.[mehr]

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