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Workshop on future crop tree selection and valuable wood production in Pingxiang


During the stay of the Lin4Wood team of the Freiburg University at the ECTF (Experimental Center for Tropical Forestry) in Pingxiang (Guangxi), project coordinator Prof. Dr. Heinrich Spiecker was kindly requested to give a lecture and training on future crop tree selection and valuable wood production in the field. Heinrich Spiecker gladly complied and on Wednesday, March 27th, a party of about 40 people including 4 researchers from Freiburg and many staff members of the ECTF went to two different plantation stands to learn more about how to successfully manage valuable broadleaved tree species.

The first stand was a pure stand of the rare species Erythrophlem fordii, the second one was a mixed stand of endemic species E. fordii, Mytilaria laosensis and Castanopsis hystrix. After getting some theoretical background information from Heinrich Spiecker, the participants of the workshop learned how to select and distinguish future crop trees and competitors. The workshop was a great success and good experience for all involved persons as with great interest they increased their knowledge and improved their skills about valuable wood production and multipurpose forest management in subtropical China.


ECTF and Freiburg University staff listening to Heinrich Spiecker’s lecture

Director Cai of ECTF (left) and Prof. Heinrich Spiecker of Freiburg University (center) discussing silvicultural plans in the E. fordii stand

A forked tree that has been chosen and marked during the course of the training to be cut in the near future