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Recapitulation of prosperous Vegetation Survey in September 2013


In mid-September the Vegetation Survey team of Dr. Torsten Vor travelled to Shitai in Anhui Province to revisit the vegetation plots after they had been established in late March 2013. Exploring the sites was rather difficult due to the very high density of ground vegetation which was to be observed during the survey. And it was high season for snakes of all kinds!
The vegetation Survey is a part of the WP 1.2a and its focus lies on the documentation of plant diversity within the ground vegetation and natural regeneration of the understory woody species.
The team visited 16 plots in 6 different stands, including Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) plantations as well as mixed broadleaved stands where in total 200 species were found of which 170 could be identified by name. Great progress was made with the help of Prof. He, Yunhe botanic Professor from the Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University.
The data that had been collected will now be evaluated and interpreted by two students in their theses ‚Understory plant diversity in Chinese fir plantations and mixed broadleaved stands in Southeast China‘ and ‚Biomass estimation of understory vegetation in forests of Southeast China.

Looking for different species in a Chinese fir plantation. Up to 48 different species were found in this stands

Natural forest with high cover of ground vegetation.

Measuring the plot area in difficult stands with very steep slopes.

Replacing natural broadleaved stands with Chinese fir plantation is very common.

Documenting the species with their English, Chinese and scientific names.