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Visit from Prof. He, Yunhe (3rd from right) from the Zhejiang A&F University from Sep 08 – Sep 13 2013


For one week we were greatly supported by Prof. Yunhe He, botanic Professor from the Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University. Without Prof. He we would not have been able to identify all the different plant species at our study sites in Shitai County. Together we found almost 200 different plant species in our forests. The main objectives of the vegetation survey within work-package 1.2a of the Lin2Value project (subproject Lin4Carbon) are the documentation of the plant diversity under different forest management strategies and the related plant biomass accumulation over time in the respect of C sequestration. Focus of this study part lies on the ground vegetation and the regeneration of woody species. Understory plant species are highly depending on the light conditions within forests. Therefore they are supposed to respond to different thinning measures in terms of species composition and biomass accumulation. It is also unclear so far, whether more shade tolerant tree species are able to form a second and third canopy layer and how they can compensate in C sequestration for timber export through stronger thinning operations. We thank our project partner the International Center for Bamboo and Rattan (ICBR) for supporting us financially to invite Prof. He to Shitai.

Dr. Torsten Vor (left) and Prof. Yunhe He with the field work team on the way to the next plot

Some examples of common plants in the forests of Shitai County. Here: Ilex cornuta

Lycoris radiata

Cyrtomium fortunei

Campylotropis macrocarpa