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WP 1.4: Sino-German scientific dialog

Climate relevant forest research in China plays an outstanding role  in all climate research, with its huge area of afforestation ("afforestation and reforestation"― in CMD) and significant potential to increase carbon sequestration("Enhancement of carbon sequestration"― in REDD+). The German forestry know-how can make considerable contribution to that, and Germany can benefit from the experience and cooperation in China at the same time.

The establishment of a formal "Sino-German Forest-Climate Science Dialug" will provide a good opportunity for young scietists from China and Germany to be guided into the topic with concrete project tasks. In this way, efficient future research generations will be inspired for a extremely important research topic.   

The general objectives are hereby as follows:

  • Improving and focusing on existing scientific cooperation in development of basic methods in the respective fields of work
  • Ensuring the visibility and profile of the model project
  • Enhancing and broadening scientific networks as well as intensifying the cooperation between industry and science