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Second yarding training accomblished!



During the last two weeks of March 2014, an intensive training session for the ECTF cable yarding crew was organized and conducted through the University of Freiburg, Chair of Forest Operations and the Lin2Value private sector partner KOLLER Co. Ltd., the supplier of the cable yarder. Prof. Dirk Jaeger and KOLLER’s instructor Josef Gruber repeated organizational and safety related issues which have been part of last year’s uphill yarding training session. Besides follow ups of the skill development, main focus of the second training session was on the more advanced downhill yarding operation. For that purpose two stands have been selected for hauling with the yarder under detailed supervision and instructions of the trainers. The first stand was harvested as small scale clear-cut and the timber yarded as full trees. The second stand was composed of larger diameter trees and a selective cutting approach with processed long logs was conducted. KOLLER’s managing director Andreas Zaglacher took the opportunity of this training session to pay a visit to the Chinese project partners and discussed with the management of the ECTF and the team of Prof. Jaeger what will be the way forward to bring cable yarding from the experimental stage to a suited harvesting system practiced in Guangxi after the Lin2Value project.


Figure 1: The entire project team with representatives of the ECTF, University of Freiburg and KOLLER Co. Ltd.

Figure 2: Instruction of the operator for the downhill yarding mode.

Figure 3: Full-tree downhill yarding at a small scale clear cut site.

Figure 4: Introduction of alternative anchoring approaches.